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Does the new jack in the box commercial make anyone else uncomfortable?
Has that commercial made it onto Tumblr yet? They will flip their shit.
(04-13-2018, 05:23 PM)r0cketfr0g Wrote: Ben, that was a pretty good post! Thanks!
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I think that Jack will meet his death on the shitter with a few arrows sticking out of him.
they make everything make smaller except for the intestinal worms you'll get.
(09-11-2014, 03:17 AM)PatShatner Wrote: As a dude that used to smoke a lot of weed, I usually like their marketing. Their twitter feed is even pretty funny! This just seems like someone should have taken a look at it before it went out the door.

Heh, I was going to comment that there wasn't any stoner humor in it to appeal to you. Smile
(09-11-2014, 07:18 AM)Gunter Wrote: But Larry Tate would have.


Damn, I'm old.
(09-11-2014, 10:33 AM)Amy Wrote: Hahahaha

Damn, I'm old.

I was going to post in defense of Larry Tate, but thought better of it.
(09-11-2014, 02:28 AM)PatShatner Wrote: It's on Hulu and I've been watching 3rd Rock From The Sun for 3 hours(shut up, I'm a grown up and I'll do as I please) so naturally I've seen it 72 times.

Jack is advertising his new bigger burritos with a trip to see his burrito team. The team is three Mexican midgets. See, they know their burritos and the know something about wanting to be bigger.

Then Jack makes himself smaller by lowering his chair.

Maybe I'm just looking too far into this because I've watched it 912 times tonight.

I don't see the part where he makes himself smaller. The tag line is "A burrito so big, it makes everything seem smaller".

I think the commercial is showing that Jack has always been that size (as tall as the other actors), and the midgets are supposed to be "normal people sized" as well. It's just the burrito makes them all look smaller.

Still a bad commercial, but I don't think it's Jack lowering himself to the size of the midgets.
*Annoying Devil's Advocate Post* aaaaaarrreeee talking about it, so the ad worked.
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(09-11-2014, 10:33 AM)Amy Wrote: Hahahaha

Damn, I'm old.

He was the original Don Draper!
(09-11-2014, 03:17 AM)PatShatner Wrote: You're not missing much.

I like JITB over most of the other big chain fast food burger restaurants except Carl's Jr., In n Out and Five Guys.

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