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Let me penetrate your brain
Hey, I need a couple more students to fill my class. Do you know someone in NYC who wants to learn fictioneering from me? Show them this link:
You look really angry in that headshot. I'd be intimidated.
(04-13-2018, 05:23 PM)r0cketfr0g Wrote: Ben, that was a pretty good post! Thanks!
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I’m not the one who took that picture!
This picture could be greatly improved by adding a third book. Wink
Jenny Offill and Ed Park are not your typical picks for such a course. I'm not familiar with their writing yet. Have you ever read short stories by Lindsay Hunter. I think she comes from the corner of flash fiction and her stories (though rather typical in length for short stories) are really something else. I wish you a group of talented and creative participants.
I am looking forward to Doc's next book...whenever it may show up.
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