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The Dungeons and Dragons Thread
I've been wanting to get into Dungeons and Dragons. I was part of a beginners group at a local gaming store, but that fell apart pretty quick. 
My problem? The people I know near me that could play have schedules that never line up with mine. 
So? Let's focus on people not near me. 
Any of you do DnD? And might be interested in creating an online group? I tend to be free Sunday, Monday, and most Wednesday evenings. 
We could set something up on
I'm raw, but I've read enough books and have listened to podcasts to understand most of the basics. 
Of course, I'm not experienced enough to DM. 
If anybody wants to start a Pond DnD group, post here and let's see what interest we have.
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(04-13-2018, 05:23 PM)r0cketfr0g Wrote: Ben, that was a pretty good post! Thanks!
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I might be interested. I've been playing with my kids and wife a sort of home-brewed system based partially on the Basic Rules, partially on Advanced, and partially on Pathfinder. My focus is on a fast-moving narrative without lots of checking tables for results of rolls. It's a lot of fun, and I recommend it. I'm free on Mondays during the day except for two hours that I have to Skype. I might be able to DM if no one else wants to, just adapting the stories I've been running with my family, but I'd rather play.
I'm all set up for 5e.
I do have a folder with all the 5e manuals and core guide books.

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