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THIS Week's comics May 22, 2019
sorry i'm late, i was out of town!
Faithless #2 - Azz
Shuri #8 - for the kid
Unstoppable Wasp #8 - also for the kiddo
Action Comics #1011
Dial H For Hero #3
Freedom Fighters #6
Justice League Dark #11
Martian Manhunter #5 (Middleton variant cover)
Terrifics #16
Bone Parish #9
Faithless #2 - anything but the regular cover
Invisible Kingdom #2
Sink #9
East of Eden Vol. 9

The Books of Magic Vol. 3 #8
I've read Brian Michael Bendis for years and thought I knew what decompressed storytelling was. But I bow to Kat Howard, the undisputed master of decompression! For five issues we have seen neither character nor story development. Don't get me wrong, I find it absolutely fascinating how the story is drawn out without anything of substance happening and I totally want to know if she can keep up this pace for the next 70 issues (this may be the only reason for me to still buy this book).
About the book: There's an annoying as hell boy and he has a one-armed father who's watching television all the time. Teachers at his school are killed and the way the boy is sleepwalking through the story I'm surprised he notices it at all. His class teacher is Rose Psychic, but she does not seem particularly interested in his development and growth as a magician and keeps him at a distance. What's worse, she shows all the signs of being a serial killer and the boy willfully ignores all the hints.  Then there's one particular issue that takes place at a library and, symptomatic of the whole issue is a  page with three panels where the boy is standing in front of huge shelves in a library and is waiting, and waiting, and waiting a little more (imagine standing in front of shelves filled with hundreds of books. What would you do if you were a naturally curious boy?). At some point, the boy ends up in the Dreaming and suddenly, like a switch has been turned, he's interested in books. In the Dreaming, of all places! Where there are millions of wonders around you much more interesting than any book could describe! And what does he do, he lies down in the grass and has a pointless conversation with the two guys near him, Abel and Cain, who could as well have been anyone. There's a girl in his class who the boy mostly ignores and now she depends on him rescuing her, so sad. Let's put it this way, if you enjoy watching sand running through an hour glass, do that instead, you'll get more entertainment from it. (Please note that the boy is way too anoying to make it a comic to read to make you  fall asleep.) Oh, one final comment, the artwork doesn't help.      
Nothing for me this week.

Btw the link goes to comics coming out on the 29th of May instead of 22nd.
(05-20-2019, 05:24 PM)uz000 Wrote: Nothing for me this week.

Btw the link goes to comics coming out on the 29th of May instead of 22nd.

it didn't when i posted Sad.  i guess that site updates at a different time than midtown did.

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