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Cover Of The Week - May 29 Nominations
The winner for May 15 was  The Creeps #19

[Image: 1825635_xl.jpg]

I had to skip last week, May 22, for personal reasons. 
Which cover from this week stood out for you?  Post your nominations below. Reminder, one nomination per poster, please. Priority will be given to any nominations that are seconded, thirded, etc.
I nominate the cover for Coda #12 by Matías Bergara.

[Image: 1824269_ful.jpg]

Note: You can reduce the size of an image by using the insert an image function, adding the image url and using a height such as 455. Wink
Batman: Last Knight On Earth #1 (Variant)

[Image: batmanlast1c.jpg]
Both Batman: Last Knight on Earth covers are really good!
I'm planning on putting the polls up sometime Sunday afternoon (US time) so get those noms in before then.
Noms are now closed. The poll is up.

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