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Best non-Superhero films of 2018?
I was just wondering what some of the best movies last year were. I realized that I didn’t watch very many new films in 2018 and looking the list nothing really grabs my attention.

Were there any must-see films that weren’t superhero movies last year?
I dont know about must-see, but here's some stand-outs (at least in notoriety, your mileage may vary and i havent even seen all these) i noticed from the release list:

Eighth Grade
Red Sparrow
Isle of Dogs
A Quiet Place
Won't You be My Neighbor?
Christopher Robin
Crazy Rich Asians
A Simple Favor
White Boy Rick
The Sisters Brothers
A Star is Born
First Man
Beautiful Boy
Mid 90's
My Dinner with Herve
Bohemian Rhapsody
The Ballad of buster Scruggs
Instant Family
Creed II
The Favourite
Mortal Engines
If Beale Street Could Talk
The Mule
Stan and Ollie
(03-19-2018, 09:13 PM)RedRonin Wrote: Bebop's so white he can't even dunk his cookies.
I’ve seen a few of those!

Christopher Robin - I liked it! The story was weak but the character moments were great and it made me happy.

Bohemian Rhapsody - Really good.

Isle of Dogs - I love Wes Anderson so I was really excited about this one. Unfortunately it didn’t work for me, I just didn’t connect to it.

Creed II - Disappointing. The first Creed was great but the sequel felt really formulaic, I think the loss of Coogler is the big difference.

Red Sparrow - Didn’t like it, I turned it off half way thru. I really only watched it for the Jennifer Lawrence boobie shots though.

Annihilation - Sucked.

A Quiet Place - Boring.
Not sure how Mortal Engines would get on any must see list. If there's an art book on the design behind it that would probably be on a must read list.
2018 might be the worst year for movies (superhero films aside) in the last decade.
(06-13-2019, 07:27 AM)Thudpucker Wrote: 2018 might be the worst year for movies (superhero films aside) in the last decade.

Nah. It was actually one of the best years, at least critically. Maybe not to your taste, though, which is definitely fair.

Here's my top 10 (rankings!) from last year and my estimation on whether you'd like it or not:

I hate rankings. So here's some rankings.

Top 10 films of 2018 (in order) 

#1 Hereditary - It's great. Depends on how much you love horror movies and how many you've seen (in my opinion the more the better. It wears its inspiration on its sleeve on purpose.)

#2 Mandy - I'm not sure on this one, but I'd say take the plunge.

#3 Roma - A domestic family drama shot in black and white and in Spanish? Oh, you'd hate it.

#4 The Favourite - Yorgos Lanthimos makes awesome, fucked up movies. So of course the movie that gets the most love is the least fucked up. Anyway, it’s still great and boob, though I don't think you'd like it.

#5 Eighth Grade - I thought this was wonderful and pretty much anyone would enjoy.

#6 Burning - Slowest of slow burns and one hell of a payoff. There are several scenes in this movie that could be the best scene of the year. Intense Japanese film with a terrific ending.

#7 Won’t You Be My Neighbor? - Because I’m not a heartless asshole. Yeah, you need this.

#8 Avengers: Infinity War - You know.

#9 First Reformed - Hey! Paul Schrader can still write and direct! Who knew? The ending of this one kicks all kinds of ass. I think you'd like this

#10 The Other Side of the Wind (Netflix) - Like a weird time capsule if the time capsule was this strange movie your grandad made where he just rails on everyone he feels has done him wrong but then is lost for 50 years and then you watch it now and most of the references and mockeries are either forgotten or dead so good chunks of the movie don’t translate at all but it’s still spellbinding and you always knew gran had one more in him. Go for it.

Honorable mention: Leave No Trace (Amazon currently has it as a 99 cent rental, worth the money) - What a quiet, wonderful little film. Debra Granik rules. Watch it.
Non-superhero stuff I liked from that list (first 100):

The Guilty, M:I - Fallout, Blindspotting, You Were Never Really Here, A Prayer Before Dawn, BlackKKlansman, Revenge, Destroyer, Mandy, Annhilation, Hereditary, The Night Comes For Us, Upgrade, Thoroughbreds, Roma, Creed II.

Since Adrian included them, but I didn't see them on that list: also The Favourite, First Reformed, Leave No Trace
Here's everything I saw that was notable last year with a max 5 word review

Roma - loved. You wouldn't.
First Reformed - loved. You probably would.
Burning - loved. You may.
The Favourite - loved. You probably wouldn't.
Eighth Grade  - Loved. You should watch.
A Star Is Born - Terrible. 
Hereditary - Loved and you may.
Black Panther - Liked and you have seen.
BlacKkKlansman - Liked and maybe
Leave No Trace - Loved and definitely.
Sorry to Bother You - Liked and you should aee
The Rider - Liked and no way here
You Were Never Really Here - Liked and you would too
Can You Ever Forgive Me? - Suprisingly good. Go for it.
Support the Girls - Yeah this is good.
Annihilation - Loved it. You may not.
The Other Side of the Wind - It's Orson Welles!
Widows - Disappointing but watchable.
Minding the Gap - Made me cry.
Green Book - It's...fine. Viggo?
Won't You Be My Neighbor - Absolutely
Three Identical Strangers - You'd dig it
Shirkers - odd and pass
Isle of Dogs - Definitely.
First Man - Loved. Do it.
Bohemian Rhapsody - PASS
A Quiet Place - PASS HARDER
Thoroughbreds - Fucked up. You'd hate.
Mission Impossible: Fallout - Great stuff.
Mandy - Dive in. Dive in hard.
Madeline's Madeline - Terrible.
Private Life - Pretty good! Not your thing.
The Death of Stalin - Loved it. You would too.
The Tale - Good but no way.
Crime + Punishment - Intense and a bummer.
Thunder Road - Loved it. Go for it.
Paddington 2 - Eh? People loved this?
If Beale Street Could Talk - Loved. Yes.
Beautiful Boy - Trash
Shoplifters - Loved. Great foreign family drama.
RBG - Dull 
Dark Money - Go for it.
Vice - Kinda hated. You'd like.
They Shall Not Grow Old - You'd get something from it.
Blindspotting - Shockingly great. You'd like.
Disobedience - Meh. Nope 
Free Solo - Definitely!
Cold War - Loved. You... probably wouldn't.
The Ballad of Buster Scruggs - Liked. You would too 
Destroyer - Disappointing. Nope.
American Animals - Surprising and great. Yes.
Lean on Pete - Fucked up and sad. No.
Capernaum - Manipulative. Nope.
Hale County This Morning, This Evening - Too artsy and fragmented.
We The Animals - Coming of age. Maybe?
The Wife - Old people junk.
Suspiria - I hated. You may not?
Upgrade - Don't sleep on it.
Bad Times at the El Royale - I liked. People don't.
A Private War - Boring.
At Eternity's Gate - Even more boring.
The Hate U Give - Surprisingly great. Take a shot.
Ralph Breaks the Internet - Terrible.
Thanks Adrain and cmoney! That’s a lot to sort thru, time to start watching trailers.
You Were Never Really Here
Leave No Trace

Start there

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