Poll: Which comic from last week was your favorite?
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Superman: Year One #1
1 25.00%
Lois Lane #1
3 75.00%
Total 4 vote(s) 100%
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Comic Of The Week - July 3 POLL
The poll will stay open until 12PM (US time) on Wednesday July 10.
Now what do we have here?

In the right corner, the missing book end to the man of steel part of The Dark Knight Returns saga. Over-sized format. Lana Lang! A reinvention of the character that makes total sense in this alternative reading of Superman. Missing is Frank Miller's art that takes away from the spectacle this comic could have become.

In the left corner, a writer who has a proven record of writing some of the most badass female characters in a context that displays the modern world in all its socio-political complexity. A writer who has his finger on the pulse of time. A writer who is at home with espionage settings, and I consider journalism close enough (and dammit, do we need a reminder what journalism is really about in this time of news organisations of record creating propaganda and fake news!). A writer who created a history for several characters through his past comic work that he can build upon now.

And my vote goes to...

Lois Lane #1.
Lois Lane!   Thumb

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