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Cover Of The Week - Aug 14 Nominations
Last week's winner was David Mack's variant for Fallen World #4.

[Image: 1851327_xl.jpg]

Which cover from this week stood out for you?  Post your nominations below. Reminder, one nomination per poster, please. Priority will be given to any nominations that are seconded, thirded, etc.
I nominate the Thistlebone cover by Simon Davis for 2000 AD Prog 2135 (as the 2000 AD June pack is shipping this week).

[Image: 6966549-2135.jpg]

Some beautiful art can be found in this story of folk horror.
Show Contenthide:
The Watcher #1

[Image: large-3382300.jpg?1565973035]
This is an awesome cover!
Noms are closed. The poll is up.

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