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Image Comics - whats new, whats hot, whats not
Drifter has me really intrigued but I haven't added it to my pull list just yet. I'm often let down by space sci fi stories because they start out spectacular and fizzle out.
Also, looking forward to seeing if Bitch Planet is as good as it sounds.
East of West! East of West!

Brandon will be continuing Multiple Warheads.
[Image: PK2000_zps3l9lwfgk.jpg]
(09-22-2014, 11:35 PM)TIP Wrote: Thud!

Brandon will be continuing Multiple Warheads.

I really need to finish Dead Body Road.
I'm currently reading and enjoying:

Black Science (but not Low, because I just can't with Greg Tocchini and not I'm trade-waiting Deadly Class)

Southern Bastards

Morning Glories (and I guess also Bedlam, but I can't remember the last time an issue of that came out)



Rat Queens


The Wicked + The Divine

Really looking forward to Bitch Planet even though Pretty Deadly lost me - I think those are two very different projects.

Wytches looks great (Snyder is at his best when he's being outright disturbing, his work on Detective and Severed, for example).

I liked Vikings exactly enough to try Drifter.

I'm going to check out Goners, too, because the premise seems interesting.
(09-22-2014, 10:04 PM)Maggie Six Wrote: I feel that when all is said and done Southern Bastards will be his greatest work. It's personal and raw and just fantastic.

I'm biased because I grew up in the South so the story really resonates with me. But God damn that first arc is amazing and sets up for an epic story.

Talking about Southern crime, this makes me wonder what happened to Loose Ends. Three issues were published, not sure if the concluding issue ever came out.
I also forgot about Stray Bullets being back, which has made me happy.

So very happy.
This was my recent order of Image:

Tooth & Claw 1
Copperhead 3
Deadly Class 9
The Fade Out 4
Five Ghosts 14
Invincible 117
Lazarus 13
Outcast 6
Punks: The Comic 2
Revival 25
Roche Limit 3
Sex Criminals 10
Southern Bastards 6
Spread 5
Velvet 10
Wayward 4
Wytches 2

Moving to TPBs on TREES. It reads terribly month to month. Same on THE FUSE and UMBRAL. Just too many balls in the air that i forget things month to month. Not the biggest fan of LOW. The Tocchini art is just ugly to me. And BLACK SCIENCE was too over the top bleak even for me, and I loved FEAR AGENT.

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