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The IDW / Oni / Dark Horse Thread
From Oni I highly recommend Princess Ugg especially for anyone who mentioned Courtney Crumrin. It's the next book from Ted Naifeh, and it's a hit with my whole family, its one of the comics we read together from month to month (we have a 6 y.o. son).

Beautiful artwork, and the story is a riot that balances fantasy/action with a touch of humor and palace intrigue.
Oni Press Humble Bundle.
IDW has a crossover sale
[Image: 13084288_1099503796757568_47608651_n_zpse2yxzq3y.jpg]
I'm really loving the Judge Anderson mini-series from IDW. Grindhouse from Dark Horse was also really fun. The only Oni book I've read was Whiteout.
Sixth Gun is great and I would implore everyone to pick up the OHC, because its beautiful.

The first trade of the Massive just didn't catch me.
I've read numerous Fialkov books now and have a hard time enjoying most of them. So I haven't tried the Bunker yet.
*Richard Stark's Parker by Darwyn Cooke

The Sixth Gun has its ups and downs, but its ups are so very, very up.

Letter 44 is probably my favorite book on the shelves at the moment.

The Bunker has been a really interesting read, but I'm a sucker for time loop stories.


Transformers vs. GI Joe has a retro look that dares you to think it's hokey, but the first two issues have been whip-smart and a metric ton of fun to read.

GI Joe is coming to my house this weekend, and I'm very excited about the relaunch, which I was sold on by the pitch alone - no idea what else the writer has ever done.
I keep clicking on this thread to look at the wild blue yonder pages again.
[Image: shield_identicard_by_winterroseasfr-d3ez4ud.jpg]
(10-01-2014, 06:29 PM)Nat Purcell Wrote: I keep clicking on this thread to look at the wild blue yonder pages again.

Here's some more. The book is in color but I love looking at Zach Howard's line work in B&W:

[Image: WBY-1_12-and-13-low-res_zpsf38e7af2.jpg]

[Image: image-145745-full_zps6ad32772.jpg]

[Image: wild_blue_yonder_issue_5_page_6_by_space...12574e.jpg]

[Image: wild_blue_yonder_cover_4_by_spacefriend_...04196a.jpg]
IDW has the Cerebus Covers collection out in January.
[Image: PK2000_zps3l9lwfgk.jpg]

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