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Apparently Teacher ephebephilia is still going strong.
not sure pedophilia is the correct term to use when the youngest person is 16 year old
DUDEZ!!! How HOT is THIS?!?!??!?! Kidz have it sooooooooo easy these dayz!!!!!!!
Back When I went to Schoolz it was nothing but old womenz or frumpy DAMEZ that you would see eatin appetizers SOLO at APPPLEBEEEZZZ!!!!
IT WOULD have been SWEEEEEEEEET TO lose my Virginity at 16!!!!!!!
Remember the movie THE TROJAN WAR?!?!?!?!?!? THAT SHIT WAS SO FUCKING FUNNY!!!!!!!!

Uncle Jerry even said he'd bust all the pedophile laws if he could bust his NUTZ all over underage HUGETITZ!!!!!!
Pedophilia is an imperfect term to use.

You can get into the semantics about age of consent theories, but I think the real problem is more the power dynamics than the fact he was 16 when he boned them. I would argue it should be illegal for teachers and other people who have direct influence, authority, and/or control over high school students to engage in sex acts or just line-crossing relationships (i.e. they text each other 100 times a night flirting, but no boning) with students regardless of the student's age or the age of consent in the state. There are inherent problems with someone in a position of authority at a high school fucking students even if the students are 18 or 19.

I'm sure there would be plenty of former students DTF their teachers if they could all just wait until after graduation before the orgy begins.
Dufresne lost her credentials, but didn't have to register as a sex offender.
(08-21-2015, 06:34 PM)Ive Got The Monkeys Wrote: "ephebephilia"

I learned a new word today
(08-21-2015, 08:27 PM)costello Wrote: Dufresne lost her credentials, but didn't have to register as a sex offender.

Her father is a judge in that county.

The fact that prosecutors haven't brought charges beyond her obscenity plea is probably part-double-standards since it was older women and a younger man/boy, and not the other way around, and part-imperfect-justice-system where prosecutors who have to appear in front of her father, who may have worked with her father before he was a judge, and might even be friends with her father outside of the legal profession are going to pursue this with less vigor than normal. And in turn this probably benefits Respess since if they won't charge Dufresne they're not going to charge Respess.
This is an old story. Why post it now?


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