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Todd is Still Wrong (and other Wrestling ruminations)
(04-10-2019, 12:19 PM)The Robot Lord of Tokyo Wrote: Character logic or development is little to none on the main product. Mostly because of Vince and his influence on the product. Until he walks away from the creative side of the main product, it will never flourish to what it could be.

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I disagree with this. NXT is great but we let it get away with stuff we wouldn't accept on the main roster. If Raw or Smackdown had mostly squash matches we would complain, if big stars were kept off the show with the exception of short backstage prmos we would complain.

NXT also stays constantly fresh because people leave. Imagine if the top guys all stayed? Gargano wouldn't have a job let alone be champion.

They also tape three weeks of TV every three weeks meaning they have three weeks to write three hours of TV instead of doing five hours a week.

Making Raw and SD is a lot harder than NXT.

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I've said for years that Raw and Smackdown should have more squash matches.

And nobody should be on TV every week. Cycling guys on and off would both keep them fresher and healthier.
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Mox is working AEW and NJPW.

Bret Hart unveiled the AEW World Championship. It was originally supposed to be Flair until Flair had to undergo surgery.
Yeah. They have the talent, but they're going to need actual angles and promos. And the production quality needs to take a giant step up. While circa 2000 WCW aesthetics might please the smarks, you can't get away with it if your camera work is as garbage as Saturday's was. Hell, they never got a hard cam shot of Hart holding the belt. That's kind of a joke.
Did anyone watch Dark Side of the Ring and/or is anyone watching The Wrestlers? Both are docuseries on Viceland, which may or may not be on your cable package assuming you still have cable.

Dark Side has episodes covering Savage/Elizabeth, the Montreal Screwjob, Bruiser Brody's murder, the Von Erichs, Gino Hernandez's death, and Moolah. A few of those topics have already been covered quite a bit, but these were entertaining enough. It feels like they looked at who they could interview and picked the episode subjects based on maximizing their time with those interviewees across multiple subjects. Jim Cornette, Jake the Snake, and Bruce Prichard are frequently featured.

The Wrestlers appears to have been filmed in 2017 and is hosted/produced by Damian Abraham of the punk band Fucked Up. So far it has had episodes covering up and coming wrestlers in Evolve, MVP, joshi wrestling/Stardom, death matches, women and domestic abuse in wrestling, and up and coming luchadores. The episode on MVP felt like "hey I want to spotlight a friend" by the producer, but his story is interesting. The joshi and domestic abuse episodes are pretty good. Particularly the focus on the Fighting Cholitas in the latter. Airing tomorrow are episodes on DDT in Japan and a promotion that brings wrestling to remote First Nations communities. Next week will close out the series with episodes on voodoo wrestling in the Congo and exoticos in Mexico.
I've watched a couple of the Dark Side episodes and plan on watching the rest later, even though I know most of the stories already. I was thrown a bit by the Cornette/Russo stuff in the Montreal episode. I know they have beef between one another, but in what world does Cornette think he comes out looking good boasting about how he's going to piss on Russo's grave? The more I hear him go off on some of his rants the more unstable he seems to be. When he has a valid point he can be amusing if slightly overly passionate, but when he's wrong it's like he doubles down on crazy.

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